Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Origination Date Of Quw'utsun Peoples Day School Survivors Class Action Law Suit
Good Morning. The first Quw'utsun Day School Class Action Information Session, which was highlighted by our Guest Speaker Mister Raymond Mason of Spirit Wind Survivors Inc. Manitoba., met at Somena Big House on November 30th. We are enternally grateful for their hospitality. This most important event has now created the opportunity for us to move ahead with 65,000 other surviving Day School Peoples; who have previously been excluded from the acknowledgement and entitled compensation that has been settled for Residential School
Survivors / Victims.

We will gather again on December 11th @ Somena Big House kitchen [10 - Noon] for a discussion on the Class Action Terms and Conditions which were left for our information by Mister Mason.

And, on January 14th, 2010 [also to be confirmed] [10 AM - 2 PM] WATCH FOR UPDATES HERE another Working Session with Raymond Mason and his legal team in an effort to sign up ALL Quw'utsun peoples.

And, with all my deep gratitude, thank all of those who came forward with such great commitment and charm to help in organizing this First Day School Survivors Class Action Meeting at Somena Big House Kitchen Hall - and, of course for those courageous ones who have come forward to begin signing the Class Action Petition: In particular, I recognize, thank and pray for:
  1. eliza jack
  2. wilson jack
  3. daine page
  4. philomena alphonse
  5. joe- lorraine charlie; and,
  6. to all cooks and helpers : charolette james & mary anne harris
Huy'ch'qu' - Polly Jack : Vancouver Island Coordinator
Polly Jack
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